Ring Shopping Designed with You In Mind

Engagement Ring Shopping Shouldn’t Stress You Out

Listen, we get it… You want to drop to one knee without having to drop to both on the price.
And you want to find the perfect engagement ring for the person who will be beside you for the rest of your life, but that seems to be easier said than done.

Walk into any jewelry store, and you’ll probably feel a bit out of your element. That’s not your fault. After all, why would you be informed about something you buy only once in your lifetime? Engagement rings are advertised to women, but then we men are expected to walk in and make the big surprise purchase without any experience at all.

Unfortunately, jewelry stores take full advantage of this. As the salesperson walks you through your limited options, what was supposed to be one of the most intimate purchases of your life instead feels impersonal and high-pressure. You know you could walk out and purchase online, but you worry that something would turn out to be wrong with the stone or ring.

Either way, finding the perfect engagement ring has always been difficult to say the least… until now.

Eitani Offers a Better Way

At Eitani, we don’t just present you with a bunch of pre-made mountings other couples have tried and rejected, then pressure you to pick one so we can plop a diamond in it. Instead, we introduce you to your own personal jewelry muse, someone who can work alongside you in picking the perfect stone and then designing a flawless ring around it.

Our approach starts with an entertaining, hands-on quiz to get to know you and your future bride. Then you’ll have a private consultation where we walk you through everything you need to know before picking a show-stopping stone (while still getting the most bang for your buck). Finally, we’ll carefully design the perfect ring to fit your stone and your soon-to-be fiancee’s personal taste.

Sit down, relax, and have a glass of scotch, because the Eitani experience is created only for you and with your lovely lady in mind.

It’s Not Retail, It’s Tailor Made Custom Rings

Imagine how happy the love of your life will soon be when she’s showing off her bigger and brighter custom made ring to friends and family. Now picture having your own personal jewelry muse guide you throughout the entire white-glove process to make that happen.

We understand that this ring will be one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your lifetime—probably only topped by a house and a car. But this is the only one you won’t sell or get rid of later! The woman you love will wear it every day for the rest of her life and pass it on to generations to come. As they say, a diamond truly is forever.

So we’re here to make sure you get it right the first time, with the ring of her dreams at a price you can afford. Take our quiz below to tell us more about this amazing woman and get started today.

Your journey to the perfect ring starts here.